embedded-hal v1.0 now released!

The Rust Embedded Working Group is proud to announce the release of embedded-hal version 1.0 together with the companion crates embedded-hal-bus, embedded-hal-async and embedded-hal-nb.

Check out the repository, the API documentation and the migration guide.

The embedded-hal crates provide traits (interfaces) for using peripherals commonly available in microcontrollers such as GPIO, UART, SPI or I2C. They allow writing drivers (for sensors, displays, actuators, network adapters, etc.) in a generic way, so they work on any microcontroller with an embedded-hal implementation without modifying them. It's a central piece of the Embedded Rust ecosystem, ensuring interoperability throughout.

The 1.0 release has been in the works since 2020. Now that it's out, we consider all traits in it to be stable. The plan is to extend embedded-hal with more traits in future 1.x releases, not doing more breaking changes (i.e. there are no plans for a 2.0 release). This will provide a stable base for building HALs and drivers.

So, what's new in embedded-hal 1.0?

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The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 31


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This Year in Embedded Rust: 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we thought we'd take a look back at what's happened over the last year in Embedded Rust, both within the working group and in the larger community.

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The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 30


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The Embedded Working Group Newsletter - 29


  • Last Month in Flott, the monthly newsletter for Flott has been published. Flott is an open source toolkit for motion control software in Rust (designed to run everywhere, including microcontrollers).

  • The microbit crate has released v0.9.0, moved under the nrf-rs organisational umbrella, and gained micro:bit v2 support. 🎉

  • The switch-hal crate released v0.4.0, adding StatefulOutputSwitch for platforms that support StatefulOutputPin.

  • The probe-rs project, which provides debugging and flash programming for a variety of embedded targets, released version v0.11.0, with a number of performance and functionality improvements.

  • cortex-m released version 0.7.3, improving ease-of-use for the Delay implementation and fixing native builds on non-x86 hosts.

  • cortex-m-rt released version 0.6.15, backporting various fixes to the linker script and helping prepare for a new 0.7 release soon.

  • cross has posted a call for help looking for new maintainers: if you use cross and would like to help out, please check it out!

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