This Year in Embedded Rust: 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, we thought we'd take a look back at what's happened over the last year in Embedded Rust, both within the working group and in the larger community.


We continued our weekly Rust Embedded Working Group meetings on our Matrix channel. They take place at 8pm Berlin time every Tuesday, and are open to the public. You can find all the minutes on Github.


The blog saw five new newsletters posted, keeping everyone up to date with what's hot in Embedded Rust. Make sure you bookmark or subscribe with your favourite RSS reader so you never miss an update! Please do also keep your contributions coming, as we love hearing about what everyone gets up to in Embedded Rust outside of the official Rust Embedded Working Group projects.

Platform Support

Outside of the working group, platform support communities provide vendor-specific support for particular microcontrollers and development boards.

2021 saw a brand-new microcontroller vendor hit the scene - Raspberry Pi! Their debut RP2040 microcontroller has two Cortex-M0 cores, and certainly made us all think about how we can try to make our software safe to use on multi-core systems. A new rp-rs community sprang up and continues to make good progress supporting all areas of the RP2040 with good quality examples.

This year also saw Espressif officially adopt Rust and they hired @mabez from the esp-rs community to help out!

Other platform support communities continued to develop this year:

If you're a platform support community not on the list please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Other Embedded Projects

While not officially part of the Embedded Working Group, the following projects all continued to develop over 2021:

Our Repositories

We continued to work on and maintain a number of key Embedded Rust repositories. The following repos all had commits during 2021: